AGT Contestant Hula-Hoops To Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’

Craig Reid, a hula hooper from Scotland, upped his performance for the ‘Judge’s Cuts’ episode of America’s Got Talent. Craig made the most of having to submit a video audition by creating a high-value production, set to Lady Gaga’s energetic single ‘Stupid Love.’

Craig smartly held his audition at the Neon Boneyard at The Neon Museum, Las Vegas. The venue itself added a high energy, razzle-dazzle vibe to the performance that he would have struggled to achieve on the stage.

He runs around antique Vegas signs while swirling hula hoops all around him. Some fun jazzy dance moves get incorporated along the way, and it is easy to see that he is a born performer! The judges enjoyed his performance as well.

Howie especially loved the “human slinky” finale, adding that he felt it made the entire routine pop! Heidi, the hula hoop expert on the panel (since she spent a lot of time doing with her kids), added how difficult it is to do what he did! Simon also called his audition fantastic. And it was, indeed!