After Hearing Peter Hollens’ Harmonies, This’ll Be Your Favorite Rendition Of ‘What Child Is This’

Peter Hollens fills the season with mirth once again as he sings an acapella rendition of the Christmas classic ‘What Child Is This?’ Set to the tune of ‘Greensleeves,’ this folk song has been recreated into a carol that will have everyone singing along.

Did you know that ‘What Child Is This’ is based on Isaiah 9:6-7 and inspired by the spiritual renewal and near-death experience of the lyricist, William Chatterton Dix? With a soulful melody and deep meaning urging us to embrace Christ, this carol is known as one of the influential and prestigious ever published.

The way that Peter Hollens sings the hymn ‘What Child Is This?’ will leave you looking for more acapella Christmas carols by this talented star. His transformations include all of the biggest holiday hits like this song that’s persisted as a favorite through the years, a headlining track from Peter’s album ‘A Hollens Family Christmas.’