African children deliver fascinating dance routine for the song Villager

African children dance routine

The Masaka Kids Africana dance group was formed by the children of the Masaka Kids Africana foundation in Masaka, Uganda. This foundation is aimed at providing for underprivileged children and giving them hope.

One way the organization gives back to the orphans is through song and dance. The children can spread the love and connect to the rest of the world through their impressive dance performances.

From the choreography and the energy and enthusiasm as they dance, it’s evident that these children are indeed talented. They flawlessly dance to the song Koti Ko by MastaGaan and Simonne. We must also say, their creativity is unmatched.

African children dance routine

They even improvise and make a makeshift DJ deck which is pretty hilarious because aside from looking like the real deal, those plastic plates are certainly not close to being functional.

Not to mention the headphones and fake microphone. From the way their DJ is spinning the plastic plates, you might invite them for a concert performance.

The joy on these children’s faces is another thing that’s hard to miss. With children from the age of two, you can agree with us when we say the foundation is doing a great job giving them a better shot at life.

Having garnered more than 21 million views, it’s fair to say that many were impressed by these children’s talent. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing their next level of creativity.

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