Adorable Niece and uncle duo win over AGT with ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’

At first glance, Joseph Clarke and his sweet niece Bri’Anna Harper may seem like an unlikely duo. Fans liken Jojo, as Joseph is nicknamed, to a “big teddy bear,” and Bri is about half of his size.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Jojo quickly explains that he’s been on the AGT stage in the past with his singing group, Resound. The judges recognize him, and Simon asks Jojo what he learned from that experience. Jojo says he’s learned never to give up and hopes to pass that on to his niece.

Bri flashes a million-dollar smile as she tells the judges she’d like to give her winnings to charity if she makes it all the way. Her dream is to make the world smile. Good for you, Bri!

Image Credit: Madly Odd

As the duo begins to sing the familiar ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,’ the audience quickly notices that this arrangement of the song has been designed to showcase both of these talented vocalists.

Jojo is polished with a flawless tone and range, and 14-year-old Bri has the power and range of a veteran singer. Her gospel-like modulation and improvisation stun everyone.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Not only do the two deliver amazing vocals, but their energy and joy are infectious. The audience and judges give the pair a standing ovation.
“I love your energy, and both of you sound and look like you’ve been doing this forever,” says Judge Sofia Vergara.

“That to me was the definition of joy and magic,” says Simon. He even remarks that it’s his favorite audition of the whole season.
Bri jumps up and down and immediately gives big hugs to her Uncle Jojo. She runs to her mom backstage and greets her in a big embrace. These two entertainers definitely have a bright future together.

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Adorable Niece and uncle duo win over AGT with \'Ain\'t No Mountain High Enough\'