Adorable Husband And Wife Duo Charmingly Sing ‘Mary Did You Know’

When you’re married, you should motivate your spouse to do good things for the world. Married singers Reilly and McKenzie Zamber, who go by the name The Hound + The Fox, encourage each other by singing ‘Mary Did You Know’ in the most beautiful of ways.

Reilly and McKenzie Zamber, a relatively newly wedded couple, both have stunning singing voices. However, nobody could expect how perfect the combination of their voices would be until they beautifully harmonized on YouTube.

Reilly’s deeper voice perfectly complements McKenzie’s lighter, yet amazing sound. Their performance of this classic Christmas favorite shows us how these powerful lyrics apply in daily life.

After all, everybody just needs a little hope and understanding. When you’re confident in your abilities and know what your path is in life, like the Zamber family does, then you will live a full, happy, and healthy life.