Adorable Dad and Daughter Duo Show Off Hilarious Dance Skills During Quarantine Challenge

With the spread of the coronavirus, people all around the world are staying home to help flatten the curve. Many folks are finding unique ways to stay entertained during this time, including this dancing daddy-daughter duo.

There have been dance videos uploaded to the internet for several years. With the rising popularity of the app Tik Tok, more and more people are showing off their sweet moves. There’s even been a specific dance challenge created for those in quarantine.

Michael and his daughter Ali Hoffman aren’t new to internet fame. They previously had another dance video go viral in 2015. This time, the adorable duo is dancing in their kitchen, and it took less than 72 hours for the newest family’s dance to go viral.

With over five million views and nearly 200,000 shares, Ali and Michael are impressed by the attention their quarantine challenge video is getting. Their dance routine is hilarious, and there’s even a special appearance from Ali’s mother.