Adorable 6-Year-Old Girl Sings With Parents “Baby Mine” From Dumbo

Throughout the last few years, Claire Crosby has made quite the name for herself. This adorable 6-year-old girl has released several amazing covers online with the help of her talented parents. This time the family is putting their spin on “Baby Mine” from Dumbo.

Young Claire has already appeared on shows like The Voice, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and more. She is best known for singing along to classic Disney songs that we all know and love. It’s hard not to sing with Claire as she belts out these nostalgic tunes.

Her dad joins her for an extraordinary rendition of “Baby Mine” from the elephant movie, Dumbo. The song is all about a parent’s love for a child and how much they genuinely care about their little family. There isn’t a more fitting song out there for Claire to sing with her parents.

Claire is a pretty good singer for her age, and we can only imagine the bright future she has ahead of herself. Thanks to her musically talented parents, we think she’ll be successful in whatever she wants to do.