Chinese Couple’s Acrobatic Ballet Routine Earns Golden Buzzer

Got Talent is one of my best shows on TV. One addition to this hit series is Asia’s Got Talent which started in June 2015. You are going to be in total awe when you this couple’s spellbinding audition. This was such a heart-racing performance.

The duo featured in this video is a real-life couple named Gao and Liu. They stepped on stage in Asia’s Got Talent to perform an amazing acrobatic ballet routine.

Even the judges can’t seem to blink their eyes for even a fraction of a moment. They exhibit some amazing feats of strength, but what wows the audience most is their flexibility and gracefulness.

Gao and Lin managed to get the golden buzzer which sent them straight to the semifinals.

Chinese Couple\'s Acrobatic Ballet Routine Earns Golden Buzzer