A united quartet of queens, Reba, Trisha, Martina, and Linda in “On My Own”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I implore you to cast your minds back to the golden year of 1995, when Friends was at its peak, and the world was falling in love with the Macarena. Gather ’round, and feast your eyes upon the video below, featuring a groundbreaking performance by none other than Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, and Linda Davis. This extraordinary collaboration embodies Americana’s spirit, as it transports us to a time when the world was simpler, and our hearts were lighter.

1995 was a year that brimmed with optimism and innovation. The internet age was dawning with auction giant eBay’s launch and email’s popularization. Meanwhile, the airwaves were filled with upbeat tunes, marking a significant moment in music history. In this vibrant era, Reba McEntire and her talented friends took the stage to deliver a heartfelt rendition of “On My Own.”

Their performance is nothing short of spellbinding. From the moment Reba opens her mouth, her voice is like a siren’s call, echoing through the auditorium with soul-stirring emotion. Trisha, Martina, and Linda lend their voices to the mix, creating a harmony that tugs at the heartstrings and sends shivers down the spine. The passion and camaraderie between these women are palpable, and as their voices intertwine, it’s as if they’re weaving a tapestry of love, loss, and hope.

What makes this performance truly special is the rich history of the song itself. Originally written by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager, “On My Own” first gained fame as a duet between Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald in 1986. However, Reba’s rendition, accompanied by her powerhouse pals, brought the song to life in a whole new way, infusing it with a distinct country twang that resonates with the very core of Americana.

Now, for an intriguing tidbit that even the most die-hard fans might not be aware of: the idea for this quartet performance of “On My Own” was actually born out of a chance encounter between Reba and Trisha at a charity event. The two artists were discussing the song, and in a serendipitous moment, they realized that the song’s emotional depth would be perfectly showcased with a quartet of powerhouse country voices. The rest, as they say, is history.

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A united quartet of queens, Reba, Trisha, Martina, and Linda in \