A toddler holding a corn dog and dancing to Beyoncé will brighten your day

I don’t know what this little girl likes best: dancing to Beyoncé or playing with her corndog while she dances.

A mom makes a video of her daughter dancing to a Beyoncé song. Barefoot of a countertop, she holds a corn dog in her hands.

Standing with her feet apart, the toddler wiggles her butt and bounces to the music, holding a corndog in one hand like a cordless microphone.

The mom turned on a fan, which blew the girl’s hair like a special effect in a video. Watching her dance will make you smile.

Although it is only fifteen seconds long, this cute video of an energetic dancing toddler with a corndog will keep viewers smiling all day long.

With her crooked elbow, bouncing shoulders, and wiggling butt keeping up with the beat, this girl’s happiness is contagious to anyone who watches the video.

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