A Fun-Loving Mother And Her Doting Sons Perform Hilarious Dance Routine At Her Wedding

The bond between a mother and son is special. This video is proof that it can be a fun and heartwarming relationship, too! The host tells the guests, “You might want to take out your cameras, this is going to be awesome!” The guests look expectantly towards the stage as the mother shows up.

At first, I watched this thinking, what mother-in-law wears a white dress for her son’s wedding. Based on the comments, I realized this is the mom’s wedding, hence the white gown and sparkly sneakers! She is dancing with one of her grown sons when the video starts.

This lady looks way too youthful to have three grown sons! Her fun personality must keep her young. The pair dance to a sentimental song when suddenly the other two sons appear sporting some sunglasses! The song splices to “Gangnam Style,” and the group shows off some great choreography by Jenny Kita and Janet Langer from ROCKtheParty!

The song switches to another lively beat, and the crowd goes wild. The wedding guests make their way to the stage and the party continues! It is clear to see that this is a fun-loving family, and the groom is lucky to be joining them!