A Couple Entertain by Dancing on a Giant Piano – the Song They Choose Is Hilarious!

Buskers come in all shapes and sizes these days, and performers with all kinds of unique talents can be seen when you walk down a high street. From realistic statues to acrobats, dancers and singers, people just love to perform in public, right? But this is one couple who certainly had a truly memorable act when they proceeded to lay down a giant piano before a curious, gathering crowd.

Silvia Zotto and Leo Moreno are “II Grand Piano,” an Italian performance group that specializes in playing songs with their feet. And they tour “The Big Piano” around the country, delighting passers-by of all ages and nationalities.

You might think there’s something familiar about their set up – and you’d be right. The duo took their inspiration from the famous scene in the hit 1988 movie “Big.” Tom Hanks wows the crowd in New York’s FAO Swartz Toy Store by playing a tune on the floor piano with his feet!

Manuel Benyacar del Faber Teatro managed to re-create the instrument, which is the one the couple use for their set in Italy, and it’s very easy to wrap up and go on tour. This time, the particular tune the couple dazzles the audience with is a real crowd-pleaser, instantly recognizable as the Pink Panther theme – which just lends itself to being played on a piano this big.

We half expect the colorful character to appear and join in! Silvia wears a beautiful, flowing dress while Leo is in a shirt and bow-tie combo, adding a touch of class to the whole performance.

The audience continues to grow, clapping, and clicking along to the catchy tune. We bet it would put a smile on anyone’s face, and that everyone in the audience would want to have a go themselves! You can see in the video the sheer joy the pair get out of their performance, and we must admit it is an enviable job to be doing.

Who wouldn’t enjoy touring a giant piano around your home country?! It would be so much fun, especially when you receive the kind of appreciation that crowd shows here when they finish their routine, bursting into loud cheers and applause as the couple literally never put a foot wrong! It’s just like they’re tapdancing – so this must do wonders if you’re watching your weight too! It might be a little harder to play Rachmaninov, though!

A Couple Entertain by Dancing on a Giant Piano – the Song They Choose Is Hilarious!