A cappella singer delivers epic Sunday School songs with childlike faith

Hilarious singer David Wesley has one goal in mind: to reignite the love for Christian worship songs. His method of achieving this? Through acapella renditions in a virtual one-man choir.

The Christian singer has created acapella music videos on YouTube for almost a decade. With over 25 million views on his channel, he has created music that excites and inspires those who listen.

In this fascinating performance, David Wesley sings 28 classic Sunday School songs bringing out the child in us. His evolutional medley has gotten viewers to reminisce about their church camp days.

David Wesley

David Wesley is not alone in his endeavor. With the help of his sons, nieces, and nephews, the acapella singer transitions from song to song. The children are all smiles.

They hold hand-drawn signs to help the listener recognize the song in question. While David Wesley places five versions of himself singing, doing the background vocals, and instrumental portions, all with his mouth.

In the video’s description, the acapella singer states that the evolution is not entirely chronological since many songs have unknown dates. However, this shortcoming does not affect the performance since he connects the pieces with common words and themes.

The evolutional medley is almost six minutes long, and David Wesley’s transitions are incredible. It is worth noting the hilarious hand gesture he makes, going from “Be Careful Little Eyes” to “I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N.” It all makes for an excellent compilation of Sunday School songs.

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A cappella singer delivers epic Sunday School songs with childlike faith