A butterfly lands on her face mid-performance, and she isn’t bothered one bit

Most people would have moved the butterfly away right from the start, but she almost seemed to welcome the tiny creature.

The wonderful sounds of the woodwind flute fill the room, accompanied by someone playing the piano. As the flutist moves her fingers with elegance and practice, you can see as she is immersed in the song. At times she keeps her eyes open, and then she closes them, truly feeling the music.

A third of the way through her performance, a tiny beautiful butterfly lands on top of her head, just out of focus from the camera. But it seems to know it’s not in the shot and makes its way down to her face in between her brows.

The flutist is completely unfazed by this, even with the butterfly slowly opening and closing its wings, showing off the wonderfully intricate and color patterns on it. She continues her performance as if this was all part of the show.

Together the woman and the butterfly work together to put on a display of truly calming sights and sounds. She could have easily made a motion to get the butterfly off, no one would fault her, but she kept playing anyway.

Only by the end of her performance when she lowers her flute does she wipe her face to shoo the butterfly away. As it leaves she looks at it, a small grin on her face. Perhaps she was annoyed or bothered, but surely she was amazed as everyone else was at the timing of the tiny creature.

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A butterfly lands on her face mid-performance, and she isn’t bothered one bit