90’s TV Gold: Alan Jackson Singing “Mercury Blues” on ‘Home Improvement.’

Country Music star Alan Jackson gives a great performance of “Mercury Blues” despite the distraction caused by Tim Allen’s antics.

Tim Allen’s 1990’s comedy, ‘Home Improvement,’ used slapstick humor and home improvement jokes to make an entertaining show. Tim’s character was an accident-prone handyman.

In this classic episode, Tim invites the country music entertainer of the year, Alan Jackson, to perform his hit song “Mercury Blues” on his show.

While Alan Jackson sings, Tim is occupied admiring Alan Jackson’s unique vintage Mercury. Alan brought it with him to be the backdrop for his performance.

As usual, the character, Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, does something stupid. He breaks a knob off the radio in the car and must reattach it.

While Alan Jackson sings, Al Borland and Heidi Keppert dance together to the music. The audience loves hearing the music and seeing the rare Mercury.

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