9-year-old sings Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ to 4.5 million views

Despite her genetic eye disease, 9-year-old Emma Cerchi is determined to win. Her flawless audition wows the judges, and they can’t believe their ears at her angelic voice.

Celine Dion’s powerhouse ballad ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was the theme for Titanic, the major blockbuster from James Cameron. It’s been covered so many times by so many different aspiring artists, but it’s a tough song to nail.

We didn’t think anyone could get it right until 9-year-old Emma Cerchi stepped onto the stage at The Voice Kids France. When she started singing, no one could believe what they were hearing.

She hits every note perfectly, knows exactly how to open her voice up to get those perfect large, swelling notes. She doesn’t falter the entire time, and when you hear her story, you’ll know why.

Emma has a degenerative disease that will eventually take her eyesight. Still, though she is facing blindness if modern medicine can’t find a cure, she enjoys what she has now. She doesn’t take a single second of her eyesight for granted.

We could all learn a lot from Emma, it turns out. She went on to win the Voice Kids that season, and after hearing her audition it’s easy to see why. She has the voice of an angel!

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