9-Year-Old And His Brother Can Sure Play…But Then The Fiddler Joined In And We LOST IT

These three brothers must have musical talent in their genes to all possess bluegrass chops like these. In this ridiculously fast rendition of Eric Weissberg’s “Dueling Banjos,” we can hardly keep up with their acoustic shredding.

Known as ‘The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys’ or simply ‘Sleepy Man’ for short, these youngsters are wowing listeners all around the world with their finger-pickin’ licks. And they’re not afraid to put on a dazzling show for their 9 million viewers.

This performance featuring 9-year-old Jonny Mizzone on banjo, Robbie Mizzone, 13, on fiddle, and 14-year-old Tommy Mizzone on guitar, is especially thrilling because of the boys’ sneaky delivery. As the youngest acoustic player begins the show engaged in an intense “duel” with his guitar-wielding brother, it seems like they’re content to slowly pick through the call-and-response exercise.

However, the group heats up suddenly as they reach the halfway point and their fiddler brother joins the fun. The resulting rapid-fire bluegrass playing is simply incredible, and we can’t believe these boys’ talent!

9-Year-Old And His Brother Can Sure Play...But Then The Fiddler Joined In And We LOST IT