81-Year-Old Great Grandmother Delivers Golden-Buzzer Winning Performance and Tears Fall Down Everyone’s Faces

A petite figure is guided out onto the stage by the host, at the 2018 “Ireland’s Got Talent” contest. The small woman has curly white hair and a big smile. It’s Evelyn Williams, an 81-year-old Irish widow.

She explains to the judges that she has been singing all her life and her grand-daughter sings too. She tells them that sadly, she is widowed but surrounded by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, which brings her comfort.

When she begins her song the transformation is amazing, from a halting grannie she becomes a singing diva, filling the auditorium with her wonderful voice. Before long the judges have tears in their eyes as they enjoy Evelyn’s choice, Steven Sondheim’s sentimental song, “Send in the Clowns”.

When Evelyn ended her song, the audience loudly showed their appreciation and she received a standing ovation from all of the judges. Before she knew it, one of the judges has pressed the golden buzzer to send Evelyn straight through to the semi-finals!

As Michelle Visage explained, Evelyn’s choice was perfect since that song needed to be sung by someone like her who had lived a full life with all its ups and downs.

The judges summed up their admiration for this enchanting lady with praise, including “You are incredible”, and “You’re a lovely lady”.