600 music teachers perform an incredible unrehearsed rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’

600 music teachers singing ‘Amazing Grace’

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser probably knew what he was doing when he got six hundred music teachers to sing “Ah.” This fun challenge ended in all of them uniting in one graceful and raw tune.

The educators present were part of the annual Manitoba Music Educators “Tempo Conference.” In this brilliant and incredibly unrehearsed performance, all the music educators present held a tune to the ever-popular song, ‘Amazing Grace.’

‘Amazing Grace’ is a famous hymn to sing by choruses and solo singers alike. In recent times, the lyrics have become interchangeable with American Christian values. The song is so iconic that it has appeared across pop culture.

600 music teachers singing ‘Amazing Grace’

The hymn, written by John Newton, can be classified as one of the most famous gospel songs. The lyrics talk of giving thanks and finding a new life while serving the Lord.

The secular song symbolizes Newton’s life as he started as a crude sailor but changed his ways after one fateful day at sea. After surviving, he turned to God and decided to be a Christian.

Since the song is historically well known, it should come as no surprise that when Dr. Lautzenheiser said, “Let’s do ‘Amazing Grace’ on ‘Ah,'” the six hundred educators were able to get it quickly.

The unrehearsed ‘375-part harmony’ has received over 90 thousand views on the Christian content platform, GodTube. This incredible and impromptu rendition of a timeless Christian classic illustrates that music is a universal language.

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