6 Talented Sisters Sing Mash-Up Of ‘I Can Only Imagine’ And ‘What A Beautiful Name’

Family is forever, especially for the Cimorelli family. These 6 sisters share their vocal talent with the world through their YouTube channel. Their most outstanding performance of a mash-up of two top iconic songs, ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ and ‘What A Beautiful Name,’ will blow your socks off.

The Cimorelli family started their journey to stardom on YouTube by singing covers of well-known songs. They soon grew into a family-known name and were offered a record deal of their own to write and perform original pieces.

Today, the 6 sisters, who range in age from 18 to 28, are going back to their roots after nearly a decade of starting their YouTube channel by performing well-known covers once more. That’s where the amazing mash-up of ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and ‘What A Beautiful Name’ comes in.

The sisters’ soulfully harmonize and spread the message of hope and love through their inspirational performance. You’ll become mesmerized with their beautiful voices in no time.