6 Talented Sisters Perform Beautiful Cover Of Lauren Daigle’s ‘You Say’

Family is everything, and families that come together and create greatness is an inspirational sight to see. When the 6 Cimorelli sisters perform American Idol’s Laure Daigle’s hit song, ‘You Say,’ your ears will smile with satisfaction.

The Cimorelli sisters have been performing songs on YouTube for over a decade. The family started their viral fame by singing covers and renditions of popular songs, but they were soon offered their own record deal.

In this video, the sisters go back to their roots and perform a beautiful and inspirational cover song. Their perfect harmonies and unique spin on this well-known gospel track reach deep into your heart.

When you need a pick-me-up, classic gospel music with a twist is the perfect medicine. Full of magical messages about love and family, the Cimorelli family’s cover of ‘You Say’ is pure serenity.