3-Year-Old “Princess” Sings Adorable Disney Classic, Internet Melts Over It

The video below features a talented little girl. She is named Claire, and this cutie is only three years of age. Despite her young age, Claire has already taken the world by storm with her adorable singing. She isn’t the least bit hesitant when she steps up to the mike and starts her cover.

Before Disney’s Frozen came into existence, Claire’s favorite song was “Part of Your World” from another Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. In this clip, we can hear her sing her heart out to this very song.

In her free time, this little girl loves to play princess and watch movies. She looks like a real princess in this video, and we can see her getting ready to sing at the beginning of the clip. We can also see her spend some very special time with her dad, who is the one recording her. It looks like they have a professional studio to work in, too.

Wait till you see her adorable performance below! You are going to melt for sure; When I heard this, I could tell it was a child’s voice, but at times the expression and maturity in her voice are really evident. She really is magical when she sings this song. I think this little girl might have a music career ahead of her and a daddy who will be by her side the entire time.

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