3-year-old horse whisperer sings a magical lullaby that touches the herd’s heart

If you’re in the mood for a cute video, watch 3-year-old Myf as she serenades her two-horse buddies, Chester and Teddy.

3-year-old “Myf” certainly has a way with horses. All this pint-sized horse whisperer has to do is to climb on a nearby post and start singing.

Within seconds, the horses on her family’s farm come running, not wanting to miss a second of her impromptu concert. Resident equines Teddy and Chester are her biggest fans.

The two horses get excited when they find out the song of the day is ‘We Are the World.’ That happens to be their favorite. The trouble is, the music has such a hypnotic effect on them, they end up falling asleep.

Myf’s magnificent horse buddies love her with a heart-aching purity of affection. They even put their faces against hers as they take a re-invigorating catnap.

They won’t be out for long. When the horses wake up, Myf will be there right by their side, always willing to give her animal friends a little love and attention.

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