3 Sisters Deliver Outstanding Remake of Classic Worship Song

Young people have been able to express themselves by joining a children’s choir for years. They can be heard in churches, schools, and even daycares. The adorable girls in Rise Up Children’s Choir show us what they’ve got with a powerful cover of a classic hymn.

Sisters Lydia, Isabel, and Lyla, stand in front of a beautiful river as they sing “Down to the River to Pray.” Wearing adorable dresses, these little cuties have a passion for praising their God by using their incredible singing voices.

The Rise Up Children’s Choir is made up of kids between the ages of six and 18. This cover the girls recently sang is a helpful reminder to cast your fears onto God. It’s easy for fear and anxiety to take over, but thanks to songs like this, there’s hope for a brighter future.

While we may not be able to see what’s going to happen next, we can have hope and faith that it will be amazing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or burdened, these darling ladies can give you comfort with their precious rendition of “Down to the River to Pray.”