2 Men Sing Jaw-Dropping A Cappella Rendition “Victory in Jesus”

You never know who might be an incredible singer just by looking at them. The two gentlemen from The Band Steele look like everyday people like you and me. These talented singers show off their skill with a relaxed cover of “Victory in Jesus.”

Standing next to a stained glass window in what we can assume is a church, these two men dressed in casual clothing film themselves singing this classic worship song. It starts out with Bo singing in a low voice, much like Johnny Cash.

His bandmate Ben stands next to him, lip-syncing the words, eagerly waiting for his turn to sing. Once the powerful chorus kicks off, the talented duo doesn’t hold back as they belt out the lyrics to “Victory In Jesus.”

You can clearly see how much this song means to these guys as they continue to cover the classic worship song. Bo and Ben hit each note perfectly, and we can’t wait to see which famous tune they perform next.