1960s Jim Reeves Song “He’ll Have to Go” Makes Audience Swoon

Love songs have a way to make us feel things that we sometimes forget. Whether the emotional lyrics remind you of your first love or silly moment of your youth, they can take you back in time within seconds.

Jim Reeves was a brilliant singer from the 1950s who was best known for his gospel music. Before he was famous for his worship songs, he had a successful run with pop and country music.

His song, “He’ll Have to Go,” was filled with Reeves’ smooth vocals and polite manners. He nonchalantly sings about telling a girl that her other gentleman friend will have to go due to his feelings for her.

Though times have changed, the song still tugs at heartstrings of many listeners. It’s not often that you heart love songs like this today. I don’t know about you, but I plan on repeating this classic record all day long.