16-year-old singer-songwriter will break your heart

Ace Stiles has an amazing story and a wonderful voice. Plus, this bright 16-year-old writes all of his own songs – over 50 of them! What the judges say is shocking.

When Ace Stiles, 16, stepped into the audition room at American Idol, he never could have anticipated what was going to happen. Though he might not have gotten the result he wanted, he is no doubt bolstered by the experience.

Ace’s voice may be soft, but it carries a unique quality that sets him apart from other teens his age. Though quiet, there is confidence in his voice and a sound most often associated with popular singer-songwriters today.

That’s exactly what he is. He admits that he’s written over 50 songs, and if any of them are as beautiful as the one he sings in his audition, they could be hits one day.

Through the interview section, Ace and his mother admit that the 16-year-old is transgender. Ace tells the story of finding his identity and how it freed him to be himself, a touching and wholesome sentiment.

Unfortunately, the judges don’t think he’s quite there yet. They tell him that, unfortunately, he isn’t going to Hollywood. However, they leave him with words of inspiration: in a few years, he could be even more amazing.

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16-year-old singer-songwriter will break your heart