16 Dancers Sporting 20s Century Fashion Wow With Swingin’ Routine

This group of ladies at the 2014 Australian DrillDance Championships are bringing feathers back in style with their 1920s themed swing routine. Complete with choreographed step-touches and hip-shakin’ twirls, these dancers give the rest of the competition a run for their money.

Decked out in black and white pearl-draped dresses and stylish bobs, these sixteen members of the Black Diamond Seniors certainly look the part of a group of 1920s flappers. But it isn’t just their fashion sense that’s left us stunned.

As the dancers strike a pose in anticipation of their first step, the “Great Gatsby” favorite “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” begins to pump through the dance hall. And as they deliver their first feather-fluttering move, we can hardly believe our eyes.

Their resulting routine is an impressive blend of 1920s swing dancing and modern-day dance. As the feather sporting dancers hit their last mark, the crowd can’t help but shout their appreciation.