15-year-old boy performs Jackson 5 song on ‘The Voice’

A kid’s chair-turning performance is something you must hear right now

Having a dream of becoming a singing star one day, this Australian boy grabs an opportunity to show his extraordinary singing skills on ‘The Voice.’

Apparently, Josh Richard was just 15 years old at that time. However, his voice is so tender that it’s comparable to an older singer. The judges were even shocked since he can sing with that voice at an early age.

With the young lad’s performance of Jackson Five’s I’ll Be There, almost everyone from the crowd had deeply felt the song that some couldn’t help but be nostalgic and be in tears.

Not long after, judge after judge pressed the buzzer and turned their chairs to acknowledge the stunning performance of this young kid. There they saw how this boy emotionally sings this famous hit.

A kid’s chair-turning performance is something you must hear right now

By simply watching the boy’s singing act, you can definitely tell that his voice range, showmanship, and appeal on stage are something that all judges will battle to gain.

The most important part, though, is how Josh enjoys the performance. He’s just casually singing as if he’s not on a TV show.

His story only proves to us that you can accomplish your dream even at a young age if you only grab every opportunity that comes along your way. Josh Richard is indeed a good example to every kid out there.

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