14-Year-Old Prodigy Covers Internet in Goosebumps With Her Latest Performance

“It’s Amira Willighagen!” That’s all I should have to say to get you to watch this video. This young lady needs no introduction.

This (now) 14-year-old Norewiggen prodigy powerhouse has crossed over into the mainstream musical world to deliver a mystical, spine-tingling performance from her third and latest album which was just released.

A performer like Amira requires no hype or marketing to sell her albums, so when they were first released on Amazon, the studio didn’t include a preview audio and fans were furious, but they bought her album regardless because Amira’s voice never disappoints; it only keeps getting better and better.

“YOUR LOVE” is a song from Amira’s new 2018 album, “With All My Heart”. The footage is from her December 2017 concert, yet the audio is taken directly from her latest album, so this is an exquisite musical treat of extreme and rare generosity, but that’s Amira for you. (She is famous by virtue of the fact that she gives away half of her income to children’s charities.)

Get ready for an auditory and visual spectacle that will delight from the moment you begin watching. Within seconds you’ll have goosebumps and they will not go away. Her voice is out of this world.

Watch then please pass her video along to your friends. The world needs more of Amira Wellington’s beautiful voice.