13-yr-old gymnast winsGolden Buzzer with extraordinary performance

Congratulations to the determination of this magnificent girl..

Giorgia Greco is a 13-year-old girl from Milan who began rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 4 and has never given up on her love, even though she lost her leg due to a bone tumor when she was 7.

With determination and practice, she continued her life and now she is onto the “Italia’s Got Talent” stage where she left the audience speechless with her performance. In the end, everybody applauded with tears in their eyes.

Frank Matano, an Italian actor and one of the judges talked very highly of her. Giorgia explained that she can’t compete professionally in gymnastics because there are no other girls like her.

Then another judge, Olympic gold medalist Federica Pellegrini, who was blown away by the teen’s performance, slammed the Golden Buzzer to give her a chance to compete professionally.

Pellegrini shared her feelings on Instagram, “Brava, Giorgia… you are an immense and beautiful star.”

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13-yr-old gymnast winsGolden Buzzer with extraordinary performance