13-year-old dancer Breez Carver has ‘The full package’ says Sofía Vergara on AGT

13-year-old dancer on AGT

The best performing artists can channel their feelings through their craft regardless of their skill level. After her ‘America’s Got Talent’ audition, it is safe to say Breez Carver is one of those artists.

Coming out of North Texas, only 13-year-old Breez Carver already, not by her choice, has a story to tell. Adopted at a very young age, she struggled with shyness.

Breez would always hide behind her mother when meeting with people until her mother suggested she dance to overcome this fearfulness. After that, she grew to love it, and here she is today on the stage in front of millions of people.

While still a bit nervous and notably distressed when speaking to the judges, she changed completely when her dance act started. A whole new persona full of confidence and strength emerged.

13-year-old dancer on AGT

Her smooth and elegant dance moves caught in the fluidity of motion and coupled with some very acrobatic moves beautifully reflected the message of the music. The message that for her hit so close to home.

She chose to dance on a Kelly Clarkson tune, ‘Piece by Piece’, which tells the story of how the singer found unconditional love after being abandoned as a child.

Breez channeled that experience in her emotions and her moves in the most touching and inspirational way. It moved the audience, and it impressed the judges. She received four yeses.

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13-year-old dancer Breez Carver has \'The full package\' says Sofía Vergara on AGT