12-yr-old boy dissolves into tears when dad returns from the hospital

12-year-old Shyon can only hold back the tears for so long. He starts to cry while playing a gospel song to welcome his father home.

Johnnie and his son Shyon practiced the piano together regularly. Johnnie bought his son an organ because the boy really liked the one in church.

When Johnnie was hospitalized for a serious infection, Shyon missed his father. He kept practicing every day alone. He diligently learned to play “Deliver Me.”

When Johnnie returned home, Shyon played a spirited rendition of “Deliver Me” to welcome his Dad back. Before he could finish, he broke into tears.

As the boy sobbed, Johnnie hugged his shoulders and comforted his son. “It’s Ok,” he said, reassuringly. Shyon was grateful that his Dad was well.

Everyone who sees this video feels the love that Shyon expressed with his tears. The song. “Deliver Me,” was joyful celebration of Johnny’s safe return.

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