12-year-old artist draws hyperrealistic art that people can’t believe she made by hand

12-year-old artist draws hyperrealistic art

Elena Esina is a proud mother and artist. Her daughter, Isabella Brazhnikova, showed that she was a prodigy when she was only four years old. Elena started off teaching her daughter the basics.

Her daughter showed great mastery of what she taught her, and used only basic materials. Elena wondered what Isabella could do with more expensive and professional tools. After she provided her daughter with more to work with, that’s when she saw her true skill.

Isabella started off drawing deepsea wildlife when she was much younger. Now at the age of 12, she still loves to draw wildlife, but she especially loves to draw wildcats.

12-year-old artist draws hyperrealistic art

Thanks to her years of practice she is able to create hyperrealistic art that could easily be mistaken for actual photographs. There were many who doubted that she made them herself.

In order to prove that she did it with her own hand, she went online on Tiktok and Instagram, using the name Isabella Clever. She soon became famous and even started taking art commissions.

Whenever she draws she feels happy and proud. She hopes that through drawing wildlife she can show people how beautiful it is, and it should be given love and protection.

Eventually, she had to stop taking commissions because she got too busy. She still has many years ahead of her and people are excited to see how much she will grow as an artist.

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