10 Sophia Petrillo moments to make you laugh and feel loved

Do you remember these Sophia-style zingers from The Golden Girls? We remember these and so many more! Estelle Getty was a treat to watch.

The Golden Girls was the perfect show for the mid-80s. It put a new spin on a tried-and-tested sitcom formula with stunning results. Even now, it’s a classic that many of us still love. Catching reruns is always a treat!

One of the best things about The Golden Girls was the interactions between the main characters. Of the four of them, Estelle Getty’s portrayal of Sophia Petrillo stands out to most fans.

Sophia was always quick with a hilarious comeback or a funny insult, and you just knew whatever scene she was in was going to be a treat.

This compilation from TV Land showcases some of Sophia’s best moments. Over the course of the series, there were quite a few moments that fans will remember, and this compilation showcases the best of them.

Though there are more brilliant Sophia moments than we can count, the ones showcased in this compilation are memorable. We can name just about every episode these come from! Can you?

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