You’ll Fall In Love With This Private, Modern Australian Tiny House

This stunning modern tiny house in Queensland is the exact inspiration that we all need to begin seeing more of the beauty of life. It didn’t take long for builders Amy and Greg to fall in love with tiny houses, jumping at the opportunity for simplicity.

Between the pristine location granting privacy, stillness, and the space to foster a true connection to nature and the ultra-modern luxury and practicality of this modern tiny house, you’re sure to be blown away.

This tiny house has it all, supplying this couple with everything that they need to live not only comfortably and with a great deal of financial freedom, but surrounded by bliss itself. From vegetable gardens to chickens, it’s all there.

You’ll be blown away by just how striking this tiny house on wheels is in its design and affordability. Let Amy and Greg take you on a full tour and be prepared to be inspired. This is life done right.