Woman’s unusual retirement plan leaves many in awe

The level of determination of this sweet old lady leaves many in awe. Despite her age which some may incorrectly consider old, she still decides to tour the world in her van.

For this daring 70-year-old massage therapist, a new adventure is always nearby. After one of her clients introduced her to a television series on tiny house living, Virginia decided that this is what she needed to do. She decided to retire and focus on her new path; Van life.

With an already set mind, she begins the process of converting a 2016 Ford transit into her new home. She begins transforming the van into her home with the help of her family and some friends.

Taking a look at the vehicle’s impressive interior, you can see how she expresses her personality and creativity. She fits a beautifully embroidered ceiling, wood quilted doors, and even makes some space for her massage table.

Virginia explains that one of her most favorite things about van life is that everyone is accepted irrespective of their age. Van life wasn’t a future she had foreseen, but now she wouldn’t trade it. She also loves the fact that life is now unpredictable and you never know where the road leads you next. “You don’t know where you are going to be in four or five days”, she says.

She hopes to encourage other people to go for their desires and not be put off by factors such as age. “Start, don’t dream!” she says. With more than seventy-seven thousand views on youtube, most people can agree that such a positive outlook on life is necessary. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.

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Woman’s unusual retirement plan leaves many in awe