Unearthed 1980s Household Treasures

A Sojourn to the Times of Neon and Floral

Casting our minds back to a not-so-distant past, the 1980s, we find ourselves enveloped in an era of novelty phones, floral curtains, and lace drapes. Picture those honey oak cabinets, so emblematic of the 80s, that are likely to evoke images of acid-washed jeans and copious amounts of hairspray. It’s a journey of reminiscence that’s sure to stir the echoes of the past.

Embracing the Bold and the Bright

Jesus, in his ever-enduring wisdom, taught us that life is a rich tapestry of experiences. In much the same way, the 1980s was a vibrant tapestry of diverse, bold styles and colors. Pastel walls of soft blues, seafoam green, and mauve were as much a staple of the 80s as the big hair and parachute pants. Neon elements, as bold as the decade itself, splashed across teen bedrooms, adding to the vibrant symphony of the 80s aesthetic.

The 80s: A Whirlwind of Style

The 1980s was an era that saw the birth and rise of many trends, with some being more enduring than others. The timeless beauty of glass blocks, for instance, found their way into homes and movies alike, adding an elegance that transcended the decade. The iconic Memphis Design, with its colorful geometric patterns, permeated the zeitgeist, its influence evident in popular shows like Saved by the Bell.

Flourishing in Floral and Brass

The decade was also fondly remembered for its infatuation with floral patterns, from Laura Ashley’s frilly collection that dominated the bedrooms to the floral wallpaper that graced countless living rooms. Another equally popular trend was the ubiquitous presence of brass, from wall sculptures to door handles. These trends were so prevalent they almost seemed to multiply like gremlins, adding a unique touch to the 80s household.

Reliving the Times of Extravagance and Charm

The 80s was a period of extravagance, and nothing demonstrated this better than the grandeur of floor-to-ceiling drapes and the glamour of Hollywood vanity lighting. Amidst this flamboyance, it was the simple things that offered charm, like the joy of twirling the phone’s receiver cord around your fingers during a long conversation.

Delve deeper into this nostalgia-filled journey by watching the video below. Allow yourself to be swept away by the memories, and share the experience with others, because sharing moments of joy and nostalgia brings us closer as a community.

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Unearthed 1980s Household Treasures