Tutorial For Making A Natural Insect Repellent Candle

“Summer nights are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends outside around the fire pit or at the picnic tables. The sounds of laughter and conversation are the highlight of the party – until mosquitoes find out about it and show up. Nothing can ruin a good time like a swarm of mosquitoes invading your space.

Whitaker Farms and Greenhouses is a family-owned and operated farm located in central North Carolina. Their tutorial video shows you how to make your own all-natural insect repellant candle, so you don’t have to use those artificial-smelling ones sold in bulk at the local big box store. Try this super easy DYI to use at your next get together. Gather these supplies:

● Pint-size mason jar
● Fresh rosemary or mint (or you can use both)
● Lemon or lime slices
● Citronella essential oil
● Tea lights
● Water

Start by taking a sprig of the fresh rosemary and tucking it into the bottom of your mason jar. If it’s too long, just bend it and wrap it around the inside of the jar. Slide the citrus slices down into the bottom of the jar and simply fill the jar up with water. Leave a few inches of space from the top of the jar.

Put a few drops of your essential oil into the jar and remove the tin holder around the votive candle before dropping it in the water. The essential oil will stay on top of the water, which will burn off when the candle is lit. Citronella oil is an excellent mosquito repellant.

Not only does this herb-filled mason jar look charming with a floating tea light on the top, but the essential oil version of citronella is far less irritating on the eyes and skin. Even the smell is greatly improved when using natural citronella instead of the industry-manufactured version.

There are several versions of this mosquito-repelling candle out there. A few recipes include a couple of drops of lemongrass or eucalyptus essential oil in addition to the citronella. Both of those essential oils are great at keeping pests at bay as well.

This incredibly easy and affordable candle is also extremely versatile. Try using a tinted mason jar, a combination of lemon and lime slices, a blend of several mosquito-repellant essential oils, or even a mix of additional fresh herbs. It’s an easy way to add some beautiful color to your table, while also keeping away those irritating bugs.”

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Tutorial For Making A Natural Insect Repellent Candle