Transform Fish Bowl Into A Bubble Rock Fountain Bowl In An Afternoon

Do you have a large fishbowl lying around? How about needing a lush green fountain for an indoor garden space or any area that needs accentuation? SerpaDesign has you cover with this brilliant DIY bubble rock fountain bowl.

SerpaDesign has come up with an ingenious design for a fountain using a large fishbowl, and it’s the perfect weekend project to fall in love with. It takes just a few items that are cheap and easy to find, and you end up with a striking centerpiece that couldn’t be more gorgeous.

The water system is something truly special, creating an effect that is sure to get everyone talking. Serpa Design has done a great job of creating contrasting design than pops with color.

The great thing about videos like this from Serpa Design is that they couldn’t be easier to follow, and the creativity exhibited is nothing short of genius.