This DIY Log Cabin Tiny House Is A Homesteaders Dream Come True

We’ve all seen that old Internet meme going around, the one that says, “Share if you would be happy living in a cabin on 100 acres…” Have you ever wondered what that might actually be like?

It’s a beautiful day in Bowling Green, Missouri, with a lovely rural landscape, a favorite for those seeking to escape active city life, but strangely, not many dedicate the time to spend some time outside the concrete jungle, like this particular couple.

Our guide Bryce takes us over to this exciting place to show us how life can be when you decide to go off-grid, so after showing a panoramic view of the land, he presents us with Doug and Stacy, owners of this place.

These people are living a pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century, so how different can it be for us city folk lives? Well contrary to what we’d think, it’s not that different, but it certainly makes some changes. Frankly, I’m shocked at how easy this couple makes it look.

The couple left the city about seven years ago looking for some fresh air, and they found this beautiful 10-acre piece of land to farm their food, it seems it went out really nice for them. It might not be the full “100 acres” in that famous Internet meme, but it’s all they need to live the good life.

If you were thinking these folk had experience working farms and herding animals you’ll be surprised, because Dough claims they were complete newcomers when they arrived, that must have been quite scary.

Doug explains that the reason behind taking this life-changing decision wanted to decrease their carbon footprint, and get more control of their lives, a very respectable choice that only a few dares to take.

On the 4:20 mark we are shown a beautiful overview of all the land owned by the family, it is breathtaking! They even have a forest and a natural lake nearby. That’s my idea of paradise.

As the video continues, Doug waxes and wanes about the pitfalls of city life. His wife Stacy says they don’t even have any bills to pay. That certainly got my attention.

What really amazed me is that it took just 90 days for them to finish their cabin, but of course, adding their own touch to the design to make it even more unique is a work in progress.

So far it has been a fascinating tour of the place, it’s filled with life around every corner, with all kinds of animals running around the pastures, and you haven’t even seen inside their house.

Are you a fan of country living? What do you think of Doug and Stacey’s choice? Would you like to stay in a place like this sometimes? Maybe even full time?

This DIY Log Cabin Tiny House Is A Homesteaders Dream Come True