This cozy home has everything a “land” home needs

Finding the perfect place to settle down as you get older is not easy. With so many things to consider, it can be hard to balance economy, function, space, and location, but this houseboat has it all.

In Somerset, Kentucky, Harbor Cottage Houseboats designed a home on the water that fits the bill for many people looking to find a perfect forever home for their golden years.

But what about the specs? The model featured in this video has a living space of 400 square feet with the option for a loft, as well. The “basement” took up another 364 square feet.

While 764 square feet might not sound like a lot for someone who is used to a sprawling home, the houseboat used every inch of that space better than even the best homes, all without feeling cluttered.

The Tiny, as this model is known, took after the theory of many tiny homes without sacrificing the amenities that make living in a larger home the preferred option for most people.

In addition to the cozy interiors, this dream home on the water came with a fully functioning hot tub to warm up. If you want a bit of exercise, you could jump off the diving board into the lake.

“I think a lot of people look at tinies and they think they’re really neat and novel and kind of cute, but I think 90 percent of people wouldn’t try and live in one,” said Jimmy Hamilton, a co-owner of the company. “What I’m trying to do is make a tiny that is also something that people actually want to live in.”

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This cozy home has everything a \