The ideal cross between a tiny house and a mobile home

No house is too small for a fireplace and coziness. Just take a look at this small house that rides on the bed of a truck.

Even when you commit to a small living space, you still have some hard choices to make. A big one is how willing you are to wake up to the same outdoor view every day.

Jude from New Zealand doesn’t have that problem. She can wake up to whatever landscape she wants to. Her home sits on the back of a brand new truck.

Far from your average trailer or camper, Jude’s home is a very real house, measuring 21 feet by 8 feet. The size of many campers but with all the upgrades you would expect for a liveable house.

The biggest upgrade was the insulation. Jude was tired of being cold during the winter, so she tackled the issue of heat retention early on.

One of the most charming aspects of this micro-home is the fireplace. It’s a small metal compartment with a door that closes and latches. She appears to fuel it primarily with driftwood and pinecones.

As tiny as the place is, Jude speaks frequently of having guests. She has masterfully put several folding beds on a pulley system that allows them to drop from the ceiling and share sleeping space comfortably.

And when she gets tired of the same view? She starts the engine and moves on. She has truly found the freedom that most people only dream of.

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The ideal cross between a tiny house and a mobile home