Simple technique to make elegant soap

A master soap maker displays her methods and ingredients for creating amazingly beautiful marbled soap.

Holly from Missouri River Soap shows that creating memorable soaps does not have to be a difficult process. Using key ingredients and a simple process, she designs elegant, marbled soap.

This batch features anise-flavored essential oils, providing the soap with a distinct yet subtle aroma. For color, she uses activated charcoal.

The best part of the informative tutorial might be watching the colors swirl and blend as she pours the soap from a large pot into a cooling pan.

Once the soap hardens, she cuts it into even-sized bars, ready to be sold online and in stores. The marbled design is gorgeous, and no two soaps are alike.

From a simple process, Holly creates unique, beautiful soaps that will be so satisfying to use. Best of all, with the right tools, anyone can create the soap at home.

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Simple technique to make elegant soap