Grandparents Ditched The Mortgage And Started New Life On The Water

Tony and Margo are retired and have lived aboard their Catalina 36 sailboat for over 20 years. Their boat is like a cottage. It’s cozy and lovely but just look at all the storage.

When you see inside their cozy home, you’ll be smitten. It feels like home and everything is cleverly organized. Boats are such a good example of how to use space properly. Every inch is maximized.

I never knew a sailboat could hold soo much and be lived in soo easily. Just listen to what Margo has to say about how she and her husband decided to ditch their mortgage and conventional ways of living on land in favor of life on a boat.

Margo describes a great life and what she says is true: We all owe our income to interest by having to drive the newest car and live in a huge home mortgaged to the hilt to hold our “stuff” while we drive to work in the car we owe more than it’s value on to leave said home all day.

So true. How great to live as they do. “We have more spendable cash now than we ever had when we were working.” Today’s young ladies sure could learn a thing or 2 … or maybe ten, from Margo.

By the time she finishes telling her tale, you’ll be convinced, too. This could be a really good way for many people to retire quickly without all the fuss and muss of land-lubber living.

With all the stories out there around young people, it’s nice to see older people living a life of adventure together. I’d love to see more of this. I’d love to do what they are doing.

What an awesome couple and a great boat. I loved this video more than any boat video out there… and I watch a LOT of boat videos.

Grandparents Ditched The Mortgage And Started New Life On The Water