Off-grid tiny cabin is heaven on earth

Giving guests a well-earned break from busy lives, this cabin exudes serenity and peacefulness with its incredible views and design.

Some places just feel peaceful, allowing us to unwind and take stock, Gawthorne’s Hut is one of those places. Its design and location are absolutely stunning.

Set in the Australian countryside, the cabin’s fantastic triangular design suits the landscape, with the architect explaining he was influenced by the materials and elements of the area.

The cabin’s design is nothing short of breathtaking. The interior is simple but makes you feel really cozy as the log-fire roars, with expansive views of gorgeous Australian sunsets.

The cabin is completely off-grid too, being powered by perfectly angled solar panels and a storage battery. It’s so surprising to see the enormous battery compartment so well hidden!

Doing their bit, owners Step and Oliver have installed water storage to tackle bushfires and ask guests to plant a tree before leaving to help maintain the beautiful landscape.

Just seeing the location and design of this cabin is enough to make you feel more relaxed. What a treat it would be to get to stay there!

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Off-grid tiny cabin is heaven on earth