Peek Inside The Perfect Budget Mini RV With All the Comforts

Admit it. You’re tempted. You’ve wondered what it might be like. Maybe it’s been a dream you and your loved one have always shared. Or maybe you’re just the adventurous type who doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort.

Well, if you want to get away for a weekend or even an entire week without giving up all the comforts of home, then this wonderful little RV will suit you like a glove. It’s surprisingly roomy and affordable compared to other recreational vehicles or campers.

It is almost 20 feet long, nearly 7 feet wide, and about 8 ft. tall, which means you’ll have plenty of space to stretch during a long trip; no need to leave anything at home. One look inside this little teardrop trailer and you will be utterly gobsmacked at the creative use of space and all the amenities it affords.

As soon as we get inside, it is obvious how spacious it is, and our guide starts showing the kitchen place that consists of a nice 8 inches deep sink with a pull-out sprayer, and a 2 burner stub, both with a cover to allow using the table as a counter, too.

One good detail for this RV is its lighting, with led lamps positioned on convenient places to provide plenty of light, and it has a system to power each one individually to adjust the brightness to your needs.

Storage-wise, this RV takes advantage of every corner by being equipped with a set of drawers, shelves, and cabinets in different places, a great idea for those who prefer an orderly house at all times.

If you’re worried about those hot summer days, the Mini Max comes with an AC that will ensure freshness all around the room.

Our guide then shows us a full fridge with plenty of space in the freezer so you can store all the snacks you want to cool you down during a hot day.

When we arrive at the living area, our guide starts showing a nice small table that can be adjusted at different heights, and if lowered completely, allows a hidden drawer to come out so you can install a bed, very impressive!

Next stop is the bathroom, it has a showerhead and a porcelain toilet combined in the same area, it’s looking good, if not a little small. Still you’ve got what you need to be comfortable and that’s what counts.

So far Mini Max offers a pretty good stay on the inside, but what does it have to offer on the outside? Our guide isn’t over with the tour yet.

The people watching this tour were very impressed with this RV. One viewer said “Excellent tour, I wish we had met up years ago when I was younger. This is a very attractive unit and based on the features shown it’s a well thought out camper. It would have been perfect for my outback adventures”.

Another fan added “I’ve been searching for just the right travel trailer for my 4Runner and this may be it!  I plan to see one in person at a dealership in northern California next month. I would love to have an excuse to make a trip to Texas…”

What do you think of the 2019 Mini Max? Does it fit all your needs for a comfortable trip? Do you have an RV of your own? Go take the tour and check this model first hand.

Peek Inside The Perfect Budget Mini RV With All the Comforts