Man builds storybook tiny home by the sea

Remember the witch’s cottage from Hansel and Gretel? This guy is living in it, minus all the gingerbread and candy.

If the cookie-cutter houses in the suburbs are all you’ve ever seen in housing, then the home of Bruce Winkler might be a shock at first sight. Actually, people react to it with joy rather than shock.

It looks like an accessory to a garden gnome set, but it’s a fully liveable home that looks just as magical as the location it sits on.

The design was taken from a treehouse that Winkler saw online, and he decided that he wanted something just as small but cozy enough to live in.

The inside is much more modern than the outside suggests. The exterior is all about quirk and whimsy while the interior is all about practicality and comfort.

The only drawback to Bruce’s house is the way people stop to catch a glimpse of his storybook home, but he expects that reaction. He has no regrets about living small.

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Man builds storybook tiny home by the sea