Making Your Own Fashionable And Reusable Face Mask To Substantially Save Health Supplies Everywhere

Upon announcement of the rapid spread of coronavirus, protective supplies like antibacterial washes and face masks sold out rapidly. If you didn’t manage to pick up a face mask yourself, making a reusable one is as easy as pie.

Keep in mind that this face mask won’t completely protect you from sickness, as it doesn’t seal your mouth and nose. Nonetheless, doctors and medical professionals still recommend using something, like this face mask, to prevent the spread of germs between people.

To make a washable and reusable face mask, take two 6 x 9-inch pieces of fabric and two 7-inch ¼ thick bands of elastic and sew them as per the video instructions. When you’re done, you’ll have a fully Fashionable and customizable face mask.

If everyone prevents their own spread of bacteria by wearing a face mask, coronavirus numbers may decrease. What better of a way to flatten the curve than with your own customizable and reusable one?