Making wildflower seed bombs for beautifying neglected landscapes

Using wildflower seed bombs making neglected landscapes beautiful

In recent times, the green in our environment is slowly disappearing. However, some individuals want to make a change. To achieve this, they have come up with several effective measures.

Guerilla gardening is whereby people plant seeds in different parts of the city, as long as these areas are public. This is done mostly through the use of seed bombs.

Seed bombs are seeds rolled into balls of fertilizer and clay. These are convenient since nothing much is required. All you have to do is put them in the unused ground and wait for results.

Using wildflower seed bombs making neglected landscapes beautiful

You will need to have some clay, seeds, and compost or fertilizer for your seed bombs. Wet the clay to the point where you can mold it into small balls and then flatten them.

After flattening, you then put the seeds and compost at the center and roll it up into a ball. You may consider sprinkling a little water on it in case it is too dry. But be careful not to overdo it.

During the planting of these seed bombs, you should always consider if the patch you are planting on will be productive and also check on the other plants in the area if they will allow yours to flourish.

Another important thing to remember about guerilla gardening, most especially the use of seed bombs is that they are quite independent and after planting, you will just wait for the rains to come and your seeds will sprout from their little balls.

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